Messianic Judaism

Messianic Judaism began with the resurrection of Jesus since all His followers were Jewish men and women.  They knew He was the Jewish Messiah, and they believed in Him and His Blood Sacrifice to save them from their sins.  In Acts 2 when God poured out His Spirit at Pentecost, 3000 believed in Jesus whom the Jews call by His Hebrew Name Yeshua.  All 3000 were Jews. The believers in Yeshua/Jesus continued to preach the Good News to Jews, and many thousands of Jews believed in Jesus/Yeshua. All the writers of the New Testament were Jewish except for Luke. It wasn’t until Acts 10, which is nine years after the resurrection, that the first gentiles began to believe in Jesus. These gentiles heard the message from Jewish men. From then on believers were both Jew and Gentile, and the numbers grew. This is according to Acts 15:16-18 quoted from Amos 9:11 foretelling that when Messiah came the gentiles will be included. God grafted the gentile believers into the promises of the Jewish people Romans 11.

There were Jews who refused to believe in Jesus/Yeshua at that time, but those who rejected Jesus were mostly the leaders. The first century Judaism recognized Messianic Judaism. Jewish believers were called Messianic from the Hebrew word Messiah while gentiles were called Christians a word coming from the Greek Christos. The words mean the same thing, believers in Jesus/Yeshua.

In the first centuries faith in Jesus/Yeshua was built on a Hebraic foundation.  It was understood that God’s Appointed Days which are Passover, First Fruits, Shavuot or Pentecost, Day of Trumpets, Day of Atonement, Feast of Tabernacles, and the Saturday Sabbath were not done away with by Jesus/Yeshua, but according to Matthew 5:17 Jesus came to fill them full. Jesus Himself observed all those days. Where the gentiles believers were not required to do the traditions of the Jews Acts 15:20, they were welcome to celebrate these Appointed Days which were observed in light of their fulfillment in Jesus. At that time Jew and gentile believers were equal/one in God’s eyes Galatians

3:28 Romans 10:12-13 because the Sacrifice of Jesus broke down the division between Jewish and Gentile believers Ephesians 2:14.

Rome began persecuting both Jews and gentile believers.  But when the Roman Empire made Christianity the state religion, Christianity was moved from its original Hebraic foundation to a Greek/Roman foundation. Jews were still persecuted by Rome, and Jewish believers were no longer free to celebrate God’s Appointed Days. Most fled the Empire. In time the Jewish believers blended in with the gentiles and the Hebrew foundation was lost.

 From this time forward people calling themselves Christians continued to persecute/kill Jews for the false idea that they killed Jesus.

However, Jesus said no one can take His life from Him, but He freely gave it for the sins of all mankind John 10:15-18. His Blood is there to save all people from their sins if they but ask. Yet the lie “Jews killed Jesus” continues to this day.  The wall of separation Ephesians 2:14 was again raised between Jews and gentile Christians, but this was not of God. As, over the centuries, those going by the name of Christian continued to kill Jews, the Jewish people came to believe Jesus was a gentile God who came to kill Jews causing Jews to have nothing to do with Jesus. Yet Jesus/Yeshua is the Jews Messiah and the Savior of the world.

There has always been Jews who believed in Jesus, but once the church was on a Roman/Greek foundation, Jews who believed in Jesus were told they were no longer Jews.  The idea had formulated over the centuries that being Jewish and believing in Jesus were not compatible. This is not what scripture says. In the late part of the nineteenth century the number of Jews believing in Jesus started to increase.  As the Jews began to return to the Promise Land, the number of Jewish believers also increased. By the 1960’s large numbers of Jews were becoming believers in Jesus.  In the United States many  young Jewish people in Pennsylvania accepted Jesus in the Jesus movement. At the same time in Cincinnati many Jewish families were accepting Jesus.

The Jewish people in Cincinnati bonded and together attended churches in their area. Continually they were told they were no longer Jews.

Since there were so many of them, they began to discuss amongst themselves their frustration. They realized that Jesus/Yeshua was the Jewish Messiah, that all the Apostles and first believers, which were thousands, for the first nine years of the faith were Jewish, and that the original church was built on a Hebraic foundation. They knew that the idea that “at Pentecost all the Jews suddenly became gentile” was misinformation. They became aware that the Appointed Days of God were meant to be celebrated throughout all their generations.  They knew that these days had pointed to Jesus/Yeshua from the time God gave them through Moses. They realized the early church observed these Days.  Why can’t we, they asked.

They saw that Passover is not only the story of redemption from slavery to Egypt but also redemption from mankind’s slavery to sin.

All those centuries Passover had been pointing to the ultimate Sacrifice of their Messiah who sets them, and all of us who ask, free of sins. His Blood Sacrifice also gives the power to live His Word by faith through His Spirit. They began to understand that all God’s Appointed Days point to Jesus/Yeshua, and every one of them have a fulfillment in Him. They also grasps the reality that following the Jewish Messiah, is the most Jewish thing a Jew can do. They knew Jesus/Yeshua had not come to start a “new religion” but to bring better benefits by means of the New Covenant to what already existed.

Jesus cut the New Covenant with Israel, foretold in Jeremiah 31:30-31 and fulfilled in Matthew 26:26-28, at what is called the Last Supper which was a Passover meal. The New Covenant was sealed by Jesus/Yeshua’s Blood Atonement to His people and the world the next day. Hebrews 7-10. The group from Cincinnati began to meet together in a home and to move their faith back onto the Hebraic foundation as was established by the first Jewish believers in the first century.

The group of Cincinnati families reached out to the young Jewish people in Pennsylvania, and they together they formed the Messianic Jewish Alliance of America.  From then on, the revival among Jews began to explode. In Eastern Europe this revival of Jewish believers in Jesus/Yeshua grew faster. All over the world God is drawing the Jewish people to faith in Jesus/Yeshua.  Even in Israel there are many Jewish believers in Jesus/Yeshua.  At the same time gentile believers began to come worship along with the Jews in their congregations. Other gentiles began to incorporate some Jewish practices in their churches. We are once again seeing Jew and gentile worshipping together as they did in the first century. Acts 15:16-18.

The dividing wall of separation is coming down, and we are Jew and Gentile one in Messiah.  All of this was prophesied long ago.

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