3 Ways God Protects You from Danger

The world is a dangerous place. It is filled with a lot of temptations of corruption and sins. If you are not spiritually cautious and strong enough, it can be easy for you to succumb to these temptations. Now, when that happens, nothing but peril awaits.

However, despite the uncertainties and dangers of the world, you do not need to fear for God – the one who created you – is almighty. The shadow of God keeps you safe from the scorching heat of sin. His love enlightens, guides, and protects you. When you choose to live in the shadow of God’s love, all of your doubts, worries, and fears can find rest.

Indeed, the love of God is the only protection you will ever need in this world. To know His unconditional love and everlasting greatness, below are three of the many ways that God protects you from danger.

God renews your mind through the Scripture

Satan is constantly seeking to deceive you, which can cause you to believe lies about the world, yourself, and even about God Himself. When this happens, you become vulnerable to the temptations of Satan and the dangers that they bring. Satan wants to generate hatred and resentment in your heart. Such hatred and resentment then will only lead you to self-destruction.

God, however, protects you and gives you the power through His Spirit to defeat within yourself wallowing in hatred and resentment. He constantly seeks to renew your mind through His words written in the Scripture. In this world full of lies spread by Satan, God’s Word proclaims truth to you. When you are confronted with lies, you only need to fill your mind and heart with the Scripture to combat the power of deception.

God guides you to the right path

Deception does not only convince you to believe in lies, but also to take the wrong path. In this life full of trials and tribulations, it is easy to lose sight of your purpose, especially once hope becomes elusive. When you become overpowered by confusion and hopelessness, Satan may take this as an opportunity to lure you into the wrong path – the path of greed, conceit, hatred, and apathy. In this path, you can lose sight of love, compassion and peace… Your life will become hopeless.

If you take refuge inGod, however, His Word and His Spirit will be a shield to you… He will keep you from being lured into the darkness of sin. God’s calling seeks to guide you to the right path, so that you may never lose sight of your true purpose in this world. Whenever you feel confused and hopeless, you only need to listen closely to the powerful voice of God so you will notbe being distracted by the noises around. It keeps you focused on the things that God has planned for you.

God brings you Christ to save you from sin

This is the greatest manifestation of God’s protection – the coming of Jesus Christ to save you from the deep perils of sin. All of us are born with a human nature which is enslaved to the power of sin…  Satan is in the constant pursuit of luring everyone into his darkness.  None of us are strong enough on our own to rescue ourselves from the power of sin and Satan’s lies.  God cannot look on sin, but He longs to have fellowship with you. Because of this, God made a way to set you free from the power of sin!

Sin requires shedding of blood leading to death.  God in His infinite love and mercy provided atonement for our sins through the precious Blood of Jesus.  Who is Jesus?  John 1 says in the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.  Then verse 14 says and the Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us. Jesus is the very Word of God put into a human body.  He is called the Son of God.  Jesus is fully God.  He said repeatedly that He and the Father Are One.  He said He is I Am. I Am is the Name of God.  God decreed all who sin must die, but then He took Himself took upon Himself all our sin!  As our sin He was nailed to the cross where all God’s wrath for our sin was poured out on Him!  He, God Himself, took all your punishment for you and set you free!  And whom the Son sets free is free indeed.  He was pierced for your sins and crushed for your iniquities, and the Blood from His wounds cleanses you from all your sins.  Then He died your death so you don’t have to die for your sins.  In order to have this wonderful gift, all you have to do is ask and receive it.  It costs you nothing, He paid the price for your sins.  If you receive His Sacrifice for yourself, you become totally pure and clean.  His Sacrifice actually sets you free from sin’s power!  Yet, when in your humanity you sin, all you need to do is ask Him for His forgiveness, and you are forgiven. His Blood continues to protect you from evil.  His Sacrifice is the ultimate Sacrifice given to you as a free gift, but you must ask and receive

Ultimately, abiding in the shadow of God shelters you from the perils of the world – there is no doubt to that! The everlasting love and unconditional understanding of God are truly the only thing that you need to get past the challenges and temptations of this dangerous world. The protection of your earthly existence as well as the assurance of your place in heaven depend solely on His mercy. Being the omnipotent and ever merciful Creator that He is, God will certainly keep you constantly safe in His shadow. You only need to believe in Him and follow His guidance.

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