How to Know God More Deeply?

For many people, God is known as the almighty God who created heaven and earth. He is the omnipotent King whose kingdom encompasses the entire universe. This is how people generally know God. However, more than a Creator and a King, God is someone whom we can build a close relationship with. He embodies the characteristics of a great father – He is a comforter, provider, and protector. He is always there to comfort us when we feel down, to provide us with our needs, and to protect us from evil.

Now, what does it take to begin a relationship with God? Do we have to wait for a spiritual awakening? Do we have to devote ourselves to charities and religious activities? The answer is actually simple: to begin a relationship with God, we must first be willing to spend some time and effort on knowing Him more deeply.

God is an amazing God. He possesses every good characteristic that we can think of. He is kind, generous, merciful, patient, and more. In The Shadow of God’s Love, a book by Leelia Cornell, is a great literary work that aims to inspire people to get to know God and recognize His workings in the lives of mankind. The first part of the book is particularly dedicated to introducing a fragment of who God is in poetry and verse. Perhaps, the most important thing that we can get from reading this book by Leelia Cornell is that to proclaim God and gain more of His peace, love, and mercy, we must first know His character in the deepest sense. To achieve this, there are numerous simple ways that we can do. Below are some of these things.

Talk to God Everyday

To get to know God more deeply, begin by having daily conversations with Him. Having a conversation with God  can be anywhere.  It does not have to be in a church. We can talk to God anytime, anywhere. Praying is another way to have a conversation with God.  Such prayers come straight from your heart to God’s heart. It is through prayer that we get to talk to God about everything that bothers us or delights us. When we pray, it is important that we allow ourselves to be as open as possible. We should talk to God as if He is our counselor – someone who can listen to our woes, understand our vulnerabilities, and help us overcome our problems. By talking to God every day, we can particularly know who God is as a comforter and a listener.  

Regularly read the Word of God

Reading the Word of God is one of the best ways to know God as everyone knows Him – as an Omnipotent Creator who created the heaven and earth. In essence, the Word of God, the Bible, contains instructions from God Himself as to how we, people, should live our lives. It also tells us what God desires from us, and reveals to us Who God is. The Bible serves as a direct communication between us and God. By reading the Bible regularly, we are enriching not just our mind, but also our spirit.

Learn to recognize the presence of God in everything

God exists everywhere. He is ubiquitous. He exists both in grand occasions and even in the smallest things. When we achieve victory, we can always be sure that God has been with us all throughout to support us and celebrate with us. On the other hand, when we are faced with challenges and the temptations of evil, God is also always behind us to empower us. Whenever we feel a sudden longing for the presence of God in our lives, we need not to look far. God is always just around. His love and greatness are present in everything – in the generosity of a stranger to the homeless, in the kindness of child to an elderly, and more – we just need to learn how to recognize His presence.

Overall, building a relationship with God does not require so many things. We should only be willing to open our hearts to Him and know Him more deeply. Each day provides us with many opportunities to get to know God more. It is important that we recognize these opportunities and maximize them as much as possible. God always is waiting for us to desire fellowship with Him. All we need to do is re acknowledge He is there and reach out to Him. As the words contained in the book by Leelia Cornell go, “To proclaim God, [we] must also live God.”

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