4 Great Ways to Demonstrate Your Love for God

Everything comes from God. The sky above you, the soil you walk on, the air you breathe – all of these are part of His creation. Without Him, you would not have anything. Even though you might not always recognize it, God has been showering your life with blessings since the day you were born. For this reason alone, it is only necessary that you show your love to God as much as possible.

Leelia Cornell’s spiritual and inspiring book In the Shadow of God’s Love particularly emphasizes the importance of proclaiming God by living Him. This book by Leelia Cornell basically points out that proclaiming God and showing your love to Him should be a constant habit. To proclaim God, you must live God every single day. Proclaiming the name of God in everything that you are and everything that you do is a demonstration of your genuine love for Him. If you are wondering how you can further prove your sincere love for God in simple but powerful ways, then keep reading. This article lists down below some of the great ways to demonstrate your love for God.

Praise Him through words of affirmation

One way to express your love and gratitude to God is to praise Him constantly. Each day, take time to praise and thank Him for everything that He has done in your life. You can do this by allotting a few minutes of your morning and night to prayer. When praying, make sure to be sincere and open. Determine what you want or need to tell God today, and say it without hesitation nor inhibition. Remember, God always understands you. More so, never hesitate to proclaim and praise God publicly through words of affirmation whenever you feel like doing it or whenever an opportunity arises.

Spend quality time with Him

Everyone seems to be busy nowadays. You can never run out of things to do and responsibilities to fulfill in this increasingly busy and fast-paced world. Despite this, however, it is important that you still spend quality time with God regularly if you want to demonstrate your genuine love for Him. Determine how you can carve time out of your busy schedule so you can spend more time with Him. Spending quality time with God means more than just going to the house of worship every Saturday or Sunday. It means having the time and willingness to communicate with God and learn more about Him.

Be of service to other people

Dedicating your life to service is a great way to show your sincere love to God. To serve God, you must also serve other people. It is God Himself who instructed you to do this: “As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace…” (1 Peter 4:10). Serving others means always having the willingness to help them, especially in times when they are in need. It means helping and supporting them in their spiritual growth. There are plenty of ways to be of service to the people around you. The only thing that you really need is to have the genuine initiative to serve.

Give yourself to Him

The greatest way to demonstrate your love for God is to give your entire self to Him. Essentially, everything belongs to Him, so the only thing that you have to give to God is you. Dedicate your life to serving, praising, and honoring Him. Everything that you do, do it for His glory. Live in such a way that your life reflects and echoes the amazingness of God. Be an instrument of God’s love by helping others recognize Him. Proclaim God, and live a life that is centered on Him.

There is no doubt that God is indeed amazing. His amazingness deserves everything that you can offer – your praise, time, service, and entire life. As a way of showing that you recognize and appreciate every blessing that God has given you, you, as a Christian, should proclaim and demonstrate your love for Him as much as possible. To do this, you need to live Him every day. As the book by Leelia Cornell particularly points out, “To proclaim God, you must also live God.” Proclaiming and loving God should not only be shown when you go to the house of worship every Saturday or Sunday. Instead, it should be done around the clock. Ultimately, to love God truly and sincerely, you need to love Him not only with all of your heart, mind, and soul, but also with all of your strength.

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