In the Shadow of

god's love

Do you need to gain more of His peace, love, and mercy? Do you long to know God’s character? Do you want to find greater strength to face the challenges and trials of life and emerge victorious? God is so awesome- it is impossible to confine Him to mere words. No two people relate the same way to God, and God is fresh in His dealings with each individual. Yet His character is constant and eternal, the same yesterday, today, and forever. We glean foremost from His Word but also by the insights of others to discover His workings in the lives of mankind. These can be beams of light on our own pathway through life.

The first part of this book attempts to capture a fragment of who God is in poetry and verse. The second part is stories from the life of the author and her ancestors which proclaim God in everyday living. God is to be in every part and aspect of life, and this book relates stories of life’s joys, sorrows, heart rending trials, triumphs, funny and special times with God, as well as the mundane and the funny happenings of living. There are also poems of God’s hand in nature outside the author’s backdoor. To proclaim God, you must also live God. This book presents not only His Word, but also how His Word can be applied to real life situations and God’s faithfulness throughout generations.


Excerpt 1

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and earth. Unorganized were the elements Formless and empty it was, with darkness over the deep. Yet God’s Spirit hovered. Life is empty, and darkness covers our souls, but gently over us God’s Spirit hovers. We wander, we search, sensing the formlessness of our existence. Behold Me! He cries.

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was with God from the beginning. Nothing was created except by His Word. God spoke His Word across the universe, “Let there be light!” -and there was light. And in Him was Life, and that Life is the Light of man. God said, and light pierced.

God speaks His Word into the darkness of our being, and if we respond, He brings Life, His Life that is Light to us. And the Word became flesh and dwelt amongst us. He stripped Himself of all His glory, humbled Himself, clothing Himself in humanity. He, the Lamb slain from the foundation of the universe, stepped into time and space.”

Excerpt 2

“He always dreamed of building bridges, bridges of steel and cement to span mighty chasms. From his earliest memories, he was taught by his father the art of master woodworking and construction. By sixteen, he was supervising a construction crew who worked for his dad in his hometown of Marion, Indiana, where he was growing up. By twenty-four, he was the head supervisor for all the inside construction of the Schroeder Hotel in downtown Milwaukee. He met the girl of his dreams in Burlington, Wisconsin, and he married her in 1929. Opening his own construction business and married to the one he loved, his future looked bright. He could have been a professional singer, but he said that a real man works with his hands. He was young; he was strong; he was invincible. Or so he thought.”

Excerpt 3

“The Essence of the Light The rosy orb nestled in the clouds resting on the horizon. Its vibrant flame brushing their wispy gray a gentle red. The glowing heavens painted orange against deep blue Filtered through the bare tree branches and feathery pine. Earlier in the day, this same orb shone on the deep snow, Causing its millions of brilliant diamonds to glisten And the long icicles to sparkle with crystals and gems. Slowly, the ball sank and was swallowed by the earth, Pulling night’s shade down as it went. Darkness reigned. Yet even in the darkness resides the essence of glory of the day.

The rosy orb blazes boldly at the very rim of the horizon. Its fiery flame illuminates the dark clouds gathering there. The sky grows ominously darker while the last light rays Filter through the chaos stripped bare of truth and reason. Once its shine dazzled the world with sparkles and light, Causing a million crystal gems of righteousness to shimmer. But now the scene careens dangerously. Few jewels remain. Slowly the ball sinks, swallowed by those who exalt evil. It descends, pulling night’s shade behind it. Darkness reigns. Yet even in this darkness resides the essence of glory of the day. Even in the darkness, light dawns for the upright.”

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