In the Shadow of

god's love

The book is about our walk with God. The overall tone is hope. Life is made up of happy times, sad times, joyful times, and tragic times all mixed together. So the book includes all of this mixed together while pointing to hope in the truth of God’s faithfulness because of His great love for us. This is because He Himself shed His Blood for us to set us free and give us hope.

Because of the way the book is written, much of it in verse, complex understanding is more readily grasped. My readers, themselves have told me that my book has helped through many of life’s experiences. Since it is made up of short segments and not an ongoing story, it can be used as a Bible study guide, a daily inspiration, and a book that can be referred back to over and over. It is a book of hope.


review 1

Absolutely loved this book! Amazing how the author has many wonderful insights on life, on topics ranging from writing to faith to matters of the heart. I personally have had some of the same thoughts as Leelia, except Ms. Cornell was able to put them into words. Her emotions and the dialogue are so genuine, and they are spot-on for many of us living similar situations.


–Olivia Rojas

review 2

We love this book!! The author has a very descriptive and beautiful way of writing about the love of God, and also includes stories of her life…well worth the read. We just ordered 4 more books to give as gifts!


Leroy Rowe

review 3

I have personally known Leelia for years. During this time she has shared her work with me. I am so proud of her for finally putting it all together in this book. She is such a talented writer.


Donna J. Weigel

review 4

At first one might consider the opening part of this book to be well thought out poetry about the God she serves: the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Which would only be partly correct as it’s obvious after a while that they are also love letters to her God. I strongly recommend this work for those who like to be truly inspired by worship in its written form.


Amazon user MKG3

review 5

Excellent book. Would make a great gift. I have both the Hard copy and the Kindle version.


Kindle Customer

review 6

I have been reading Leelia’s Poems and Stories for years. Thanks for writing down in one place. I can see us crossing the ravine to the horse barn, and I loved the waterfalls, maybe that is why today I love to see waterfalls so much. This is a great book about God in our lives.



review 7

Through her joys and tragedies of life, Leelia has written a book about the GOD she serves. She also writes of intimate family memories that we all can relate to. She writes of the GOD she serves in these current times as it relates to current situations. She also knows that man has changed and the world has changed but the GOD she loves and serves is the same yesterday, today and forever. Draw closer to GOD and his love will protect us from the current uncertainties of this questionable world. She writes of making the first step towards GOD, trusting HIM, and know his LOVE and PROTECTION is EVERLASTING. Leelia is love and GOD IS LOVE.


Amazon user CMTS-Arkansas

About The Author

Leelia Cornell was born in Marion, Indiana and has lived all of her in its vicinity. She has traveled extensively including all fifty states, five Canadian providences, the Yukon Territory, four continents, and a missions trip to Asia. She has a heart for getting the Word of God to people in their native languages as well as supporting believers in countries where they are persecuted, and she has been active with such missions. Leelia is an historian and has done musical historical programs especially about Lincoln.


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